Sopartec is the Technology Transfer and investment company of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain).

Sopartec's mission, within the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO), is to transfer the results of research carried out by UCLouvain, the Cliniques universitaires St-Luc (CUSL), the CHU UCL Namur and the Institute de Duve (ICP) to the public/market by creating spin-offs and negotiating licence agreements.

Sopartec is working with the VIVES Investment Funds (VIVES). The VIVES Funds are technology multi-sectorial funds that invest in UCLouvain spin-offs and startups in both Belgium and neighboring countries.

In the framework of its two missions, Sopartec Sopartec interacts closely with all the public and private players involved in the development, transfer and promotion of knowledge and technologies at local, regional, national, European and global level. As such, Sopartec is involved in the two incubators initiated by UCLouvain, the Brussels Life Science Incubator (BLSI) and the Louvain-la-Neuve Business and Innovation Center (CEI).

The company's corporate governance charter provides that its Board of Directors consists of certain members representing UCLouvain and other independent (or so-called 'external') members. It is composed as follows:

  • External President: Mr. Bruno van Lierde (external president),
  • Professor Vincent Blondel, Rector of UCLouvain,
  • Professor Alexia Autenne, general administrator of UCLouvain,
  • Professor Jean-Christophe Renauld, Pro-rector for research at UCLouvain,
  • Professor Frédéric Houssiau, Vice-rector of the health sciences sector of UCLouvain,
  • Professor Jean-Didier Legat, UCLouvain Electrical Engineering Pole,
  • Professor Alain Vas, Vice-rector UCLouvain in Hainaut,
  • Mr. Renaud Mazy, Managing Director of Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc ASBL,
  • Mr. Luc Henrard (external),
  • Mr. Stephane Burton (external).

The day-to-day management of Sopartec and certain special powers are entrusted to Mr. Xavier Bastin.